“Petita Carta” Dessert List

House Crème Caramel
Catalan Custard
Yogurt with (*)
Seasonal Fruit
Tarte Tatin of (*)
Ice Cream

(*) Enquire about the ingredient

Dessert List

Innovation of Catalan Custard version 13.0
Tiramisu our style
White Chocolate Brownie with Passion Fruit Sauce and Raspberry and Violet Ice Cream
Assorted Ice Cream, Thyme, Violets, Liquorice and Wild Strawberries
Strawberry Sauce with White Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Coulant 72% with Walnuts and Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Dessert Wine, and Tea and Infusion Selection

Why not have a glass of sweet wine to go with your dessert?
Tea and infusion are also available.

Ask for the menu!


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