Discover the Manyanet Valley on horseback

The Vall de Manyanet horse-riding centre was born as a centre of equestrian tourism in order to provide visitors with both long and short riding routes around the Manyanet Valley. It is also an ideal place to initiate you in the horse-riding world, since it has a practice field among its facilities.
On the other hand, the centre is a reference point for those who would like to spend a weekend with their own horses, as they can rent horse box stalls. So those who love enjoying nature with their horses and at their own pace will find their place in Buira.
Our horses are noble, calm and easy to ride and manage, and are well adapted to our mountainous region. Would you like to meet them?

Our Horses

She is a mare who almost always goes with the guide. Very calm and tough.

Born and tamed in our house. She without a doubt stands out for her good character.

Rusto is the king of the herd. Easy riding.


Hipo is very big in all senses since he is a good Friesian horse.

Chica is very calm and the first one to get to the food.
She is the perfect horse for long routes.

For seasoned riders, Isabena is your horse.
Tough and skilled.

Masaly is the queen of the fields, you could see her every morning resting on the grass.
Easy to ride and very docile.

This mare adores kids.
Extremely docile. If you give her a sugar cube, she will quickly become your friend.

Estela is the most generous of the group.
Very docile and tough.

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